Trucking School in North Carolina Offers Affordable Student Training

Truckers Parked at Truck StopAt the Surry Community College, more than a dozen students including three women recently graduated from the Truck Driver Training program. This trucking school equips students in North Carolina with truck driving skills needed to get out on the open road behind the wheel of a big rig. SCC works with two other schools in the area to provide this valuable job training. However, the school goes a step further than most CDL training programs. Find out what else students of the SCC truck driving school gain when they attend this North Carolina truck driver training program.

Overview of NC Trucking School

The Surry Community College works with local Caldwell Community College to host this truck driving school. The trucker training is held at The Yadkin Center on the SCC campus in Yadkinville, NC. This city is just west of Winston-Salem and an hour and a half north of Charlotte. For the course, students attend an eight and a half week program on campus. The classes run full time from Monday to Friday from 8 to 5 pm. The sessions coming up in 2018 include:

  • January 8 to March 13
  • March 19 to May 22

Interested students need to contact the school at 336-386-3584 to find out when the next session available will be. The truck driving school provides students with professional CDL training, so they are prepared to get a Class A commercial driver’s license. The Class A CDL is required for any over the road trucking jobs, as well as for most regional trucking jobs. The difference between Class A and the other Class B is that Class A drivers can haul more than 26,001 pounds while pulling a trailer on an axle. This includes flatbed trailers, dry van trailers, reefer trailers, and tankers.

What to Expect in Training

When you start trucking school in North Carolina at Surry Community College, you are provided with everything you need to get a Class A CDL. This involves the skills, both in class and hands-on, to ensure you can pass the written and road CDL exams at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. The coursework includes training in:

  • How to handle freight
  • Calculating and keeping your daily log records
  • Following safety procedures in trucking
  • Fire and security protection for your truck and loads
  • Map reading and routing
  • Truck maintenance
  • Laws and regulations by the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

You will also learn how to drive a truck and operate it safely with proper driving procedures. This is a perfect opportunity for student drivers to gain the skills and the behind the wheel experience they need to be able to accept truck driving jobs safely. Most importantly, you’ll come away with the necessary skills to ensure you pass your CDL exam.

Keep in mind you will have to take the CDL exam separately from the class at the local DMV office. Additionally, just because you pass the class does not automatically mean you will pass the CDL exam. You will need to apply all of your training when taking the exam to ensure you are successful.

Cost of Trucking School in NC

The cost of tuition is quite affordable at only $1,882 for in-state students. Additionally, since this program is provided through a public community college, you have the opportunity to apply for grants and student loans. Start the process by completing a FAFSA form online, which is a free federal grant and loan application.

When you complete a FAFSA application, the federal government will provide you with a list of all of the student grants, federal loans, and other types of benefits you can receive to help you cover your trucking school tuition. It’s definitely worth the time to complete this as many students are eligible for student grants and scholarships, which do not have to be paid back as a loan does.

Applying for Trucking School

If you are ready to get started, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements. These ensure you will be able to get a CDL once you graduate from trucking school. You will need to provide a DOT approved physical examination certificate that you can get from a local certified medical examiner. Your family physician may likely be able to provide this for you. Additionally, you will need to pass a drug and alcohol test as required by the DOT.

Other requirements for the SCC program include passing a reading placement exam with a minimum score of 40. You will also have to provide a copy of your high school transcript, along with an official driving record from the DMV. These basic skills confirm that you will be able to keep up with the coursework and complete the class. Apply to trucking school in North Carolina at Surry Community College today, and kickstart your truck driving career.

Eating Healthy and Staying Active as an OTR Truck Driver

truck driver in cab with CBWhen you start a truck driving career, you have plans to live long and prosper. The trick to doing this as a trucker is to eat healthily and stay active. There are plenty of other jobs that keep you seated for hours on end including office workers and freelance writers. However, with truck driving jobs, you have to be creative in finding ways to be healthy when you are 1,000 miles away from home. Fortunately, there are truck stop and trucking company wellness programs to help you each mile along the way.

Prime Drivers Get Fit

Prime, Inc. is a trucking company with trucking terminals across the US. These terminals provide the amenities truck drivers need to help them make the most of truck driving routes. At several of the Prime terminals, this trucking company offers health and wellness services for its drivers. For starters, the Springfield, Missouri trucking job facility is a 40,000-square-foot complex featuring a fitness center, basketball court, and showers. These amenities make it easy to get a workout in when you come in from a trip on the road or if you can stop in mid-route. The terminal even has a laundry facility and cafeteria where you can clean up and fuel your body with healthy eats.

At the Pittston, Pennsylvania location for another Prime terminal, drivers get to access an on-site fitness facility along with showers for freshening up. There is also a full-service spa where you can get a massage after your workout. Talk about an excellent incentive for getting some exercise in before your next haul!

Foldable Bikes for Exercise

Another unique wellness service that Prime, Inc. provides for its truck drivers involves bicycles. Drivers for Prime can take foldable bikes via the trucking company. These foldable bikes are lightweight and fit easily into the cab of a truck without taking up valuable space. Truckers then use the bikes for midday rides during breaks or in the evenings after they shut down for the day on long-haul trucking jobs. After they cover some mileage, drivers are encouraged to use a smartphone app to log mileage. On occasion, the company offers an incentive program to see which drivers can log the most miles on bikes.

Considering how beneficial bicycling is for aerobic, cardiovascular exercise, this is a great way to stay active as a trucker. Even if you don’t haul freight for Prime, you can still take advantage of this activity. Foldable bikes are sold in most stores that sell conventional bikes, including on Amazon. You can buy these bikes for nearly the price of a regular bike while choosing a style that weighs less than 50 pounds. Best of all, you’ll be able to deduct the cost of the foldable bike on your annual tax return since it’s for your trucking job.

TA Petro StayFit Program

Truck stops are a trucker’s home away from home, so it only makes sense to find health and wellness programs here. One truck stop chain, TA Petro, has developed the StayFit program that features the motto of “Stay Healthy on the Highway.” As part of this program, all of the TA and Petro truck stops across the nation provide exercise and healthy food options.

For starters, each time you open a menu at a sit-down restaurant in a TA or Petro, like the Iron Skillet or Country Pride, you’ll find StayFit food items marked for you. The StayFit symbol is also used on certain packaged truck store food items. The StayFit Symbol helps you choose foods that are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium while featuring fruits, veggies, whole grains, or lean proteins.

Healthy Truck Stop Menu Items

A quick glance at the Petro’s Iron Skillet menu, and you’ll find items including the oatmeal combo, spaghetti with meatless sauce, Atlantic salmon, whitefish, and grilled chicken breast with the StayFit icon. The restaurant also notes that half of its side items are recognized as StayFit options. You can even get a cholesterol-free egg replacement and sugar-free jams and syrups as part of the StayFit servings.

At the Country Pride Restaurant in TA locations, there are similar healthy dishes to the Iron Skillet. However, this restaurant also serves a chicken breast and egg substitute breakfast that is both hardy and healthy. Both the Country Pride and Iron Skillet restaurants also have a massive salad bar with soup options that make eating healthy even easier.

The other aspect of the StayFit program at TA Petro locations is the fitness program. At StayFit locations from coast to coast, you will find a variety of totally free exercise amenities. These include:

  • Basketball hoops
  • Walking/running trails
  • Outdoor exercise areas
  • Indoor fitness rooms
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Bean bag tosses

Find the most options at the following locations:

  • TA Laredo/Henry Albert in Texas
  • TA Greencastle in Pennsylvania
  • TA Oklahoma City East in Oklahoma
  • TA Vero Beach in Florida
  • TA Wheeling in West Virginia
  • Petro Gadsden in Alabama
  • Petro Pearsall in Texas
  • Petro Wilmington in Illinois
  • Petro Bordentown in New Jersey
  • Petro Columbia in South Carolina

By getting outdoors and giving your body some fresh air and exercise, you do a world of good for your mental health, too. So, the next time you are at a TA Petro truck stop, ask about their StayFit program services. Take full advantage of the opportunities they afford you.

Eating healthy and getting at least 30 minutes of some cardiovascular exercise a day, whether it’s walking, riding a bicycle, or shooting hoops, will do your body a world of good. As a trucker, add these two areas of personal health to your daily routine to reap the benefits of being a healthy trucker.

Hauling Machinery and Wood Products with CRST Malone

hauling for crst maloneWhen you are in the trucking business, you want to get as much experience as possible. This includes hauling diverse loads, getting oversized trucking jobs, and picking up loads that are outside of your comfort zone on occasion. The best way to do this is to find a trucking job at a top-paying trucking company that offers out-of-the-box haul types. For example, did you know that at CRST Malone you can get trucking jobs that include hauling machinery and wood products?

Types of Machinery

The types of machinery that truckers haul at CRST Malone vary. As a flatbed trucking company, you might haul tractor parts and heavy truck engines. You may pick up a load of commercial printers or factory assembly equipment. Machinery runs the gamut for businesses in medical, chemical, oil, and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, since CRST Malone is a flatbed trucking carrier, you have plenty of space for those oversized loads. Machinery doesn’t have to exceed the weight and height restrictions for an oversized load either. Simply weighing too much can put you over the scales while not inhibiting your ability to maneuver your flatbed trailer.

Hauling Wood Products

Wood products that are hauled by flatbeds range from unfinished to treated lumber to cedar fiberfill. Hauling wood products requires you to strap and tarp your loads so to protect the wood beneath. In some instances, shippers protect their wood products using plastic wraps. Additionally, these wood products can be placed on pallets so to protect against shifting lumber stacks. Wood hauling jobs offer a unique job experience in that you learn about the ways to handle different wood types.

CRST Trucking Jobs

If you are considering CRST Malone trucking jobs, you are in line to work with a national carrier group that includes several other trucking carriers including:

Each of these carriers is focused on a single aspect of the trucking business. For example, trucking jobs at CRST Dedicated are focused on local and regional freight. You haul drop and hook, no-touch freight through dedicated contracts that allow you to come home regularly. By working for CRST Malone as part of the CRST community, you are in a prime position to gain more driving experience by hauling for a different carrier within the same group.

Driving a Truck for CRST Malone

CRST Malone has been hiring truckers for nearly a century. In fact, CRST Malone was founded in 1928. The company is headquartered out of Birmingham, Alabama but works with drivers all over the nation. Today the privately held trucking company has more than 1,400 owner operators throughout the US and Canada. The carrier has 50 offices located throughout North America to allow drivers to apply for trucking jobs and to train locally.

CRST Malone drivers can haul machinery and wood products, as well as steel, tractors, and specialty items. The company also provides trucking technology to keep its drivers rolling. This includes an electronic data interchange, document imaging, and load tracking. These services protect drivers and their freight, while also making it easier for truckers to move products from shipper to customer.

Keep in mind you’ll need to be an owner-operator in order to drive for CRST Malone. However, as an owner-operator, you maintain autonomy over your own tractor-trailer. You also get to earn more money. The trucking company in Alabama is paying its drivers a gross weekly average of $4,000. Along with $2.15 gross per mile, you also receive 100 percent fuel surcharges.

Lease to Purchase at CRST Malone

What if you don’t have a truck yet but want to transition into an owner-operator role? CRST Malone has you covered. You can sign up for a lease-purchase option paying some of the lowest truck payments at as little as $299 a week. The trucking company offers late model Cascadia rigs that come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty. This is a great opportunity to take control of your trucking career.

C.R. England and the Work Safe = Home Safe Pledge

Truck driver safety is one of the biggest concerns among trucking companies and the general public alike. Everyone wants truck drivers and their 80,000 lbs. of freight to arrive at its destination without incident or accident. Yet trucker safety remains one of the biggest concerns of the trucking industry. Fortunately, companies like C.R. England are working to reverse this. Check out how this trucking company is using a safe work pledge to help recognize healthy behaviors for a safer workplace.

Safe Workplace for C.R. England Drivers

Safety is a number one priority for C.R. England. In fact, the trucking company promotes driver safety as its first core value. According to these values, C.R. England is devoted to keeping truckers, customers, and the public safe. While this focuses on trucker safety, C.R. England also wants to help other employees to work safe, so they return home safely. The main goal of the Work Safe = Home Safe program is to prioritize workplace safety. It focuses on three principles:

  • Avoid unsafe behaviors before and while driving
  • Be cautious and be vocal to protect yourself and others when on the road
  • Respect and care about those around you and act accordingly

Unsafe behaviors you want to avoid include rushing to complete a task, acting aggressively, and putting yourself in unsafe situations. For truckers, this might include using a cellphone while driving or texting behind the wheel.

In terms of helping others around you, this involves taking the safety initiative when need be. For example, if you see team members not wearing their safety gear, give a gentle reminder they need to gear up for their own protection. Also, be patient when dealing with others, whether you are at a fuel pump, sitting to unload at a dock, or in line at a truck weigh station.

Along the same lines, treat those around you with respect and consideration. Not everyone is having the Best Day Ever, and sometimes life’s challenges make it difficult for others to put on a smile. That doesn’t mean you can’t share your smile. Be the better person whenever you are presented with a negative encounter or experience with someone else, whether they are in trucking or the general public. It is a lot healthier than getting all worked up and stressed out, which can disrupt the rest of your own workday. Instead, focus on what is most important to you—your team members and your family.

The Work Safe = Home Safe Pledge

If you agree that these principles need to be front and center for truck drivers as a way to ensure everyone can work safely and come home safely, then consider taking the pledge. According to C.R. England, the Work Safe = Home Safe Pledge is as follows:

“I pledge to live the principles of Work Safe = Home Safe. I will hold myself accountable for the actions and choices I make, knowing that it will directly affect my safety and the safety of others.

I pledge to be cautious and avoid any unsafe behaviors that may cause harm to others or myself.  I will proceed with care for others because it is not only good practice; it is also my professional and personal responsibility.

If I see any unsafe activities, I will have the courage to be vocal, likewise, if I am approached regarding unsafe actions, I will openly accept suggestions. Work Safe = Home Safe is not just about being safe at work, it’s also coming home safely to my loved ones and providing comfort to my family while I am away.”

Signing the Pledge

Anyone in the truck driving world can take the Work Safe = Home Safe Pledge. You do not have to be a truck driver at C.R. England to do so. Just sign the pledge here to be part of this movement. So far, more than 19,000 trucking employees have taken the pledge to promote a safer work environment for truck drivers.

Once you sign the pledge, it is up to you to hold true to the values it entails. After all, you are the one that is responsible for your own workplace safety. It all begins with you and your dedication to being safe, so you can return home after each and every trip.

Sunstate Carriers Increases Trucking Safety with In-Cab Dashcams

truck leaving the truck stopIn the trucking industry, truck driver fatalities and no-fault accidents are often difficult to solve. You are dealing with one word against another, and the fact is you simply want to get to the truth. This is one area where trucking technology is able to provide an actual account. How? Through the use of in-cab dashboard cameras. One trucking company, Sunstate Carriers, has transitioned to include a video-based safety system called SmartDrive in all of its trucks. Find out why this carrier decided to make this change and how SmartDrive has helped the company’s truck drivers.

Choosing a Video-Based System

Sunstate Carriers Vice President Josh Fulmer was in search of a system that allowed the company’s drivers to be monitored on the road. However, the SmartDrive system isn’t the first use of video cameras in this company’s trucks. Fulmer notes that “[Sunstate Carriers] knew that our drivers were already putting cameras in their vehicles and were familiar with the technology.

They understand that we’re using the program to know what caused a critical event. If a driver’s habits or actions need to change, they know we will be coaching them to help ensure it does not happen again, but also understand the system is designed for their own safety first and foremost.” As the drivers at Sunstate Carriers already implemented this dashcam technology in their trucks, it wasn’t that much of a stretch to add the SmartDrive system.

SmartDrive Safety System for Trucking

Why did Sunstate Carriers go with SmartDrive as their video-based program? Fulmer clarifies that the company tested several safety systems from other tech companies before making a selection. It all boiled down to choosing SmartDrive for its ability to be customized and its ease of use. Plus, SmartDrive offers near-immediate results, which is vital for the trucking industry where every minute of delays costs companies money.

Fulmer adds, “I liked the ability to start with an exoneration-focused product that fits our fleet’s needs today and allows me to move to a proactive safety and coaching program when we are operationally ready. The combination of the easy-to-work-with single platform and the exceptional customer service minimized the changes for the team and allowed me to see results immediately.” Convenience and capabilities for making it easy for fleet managers and drivers to use are major selling points for the SmartDrive safety platform.

Dashcams for Driver Protection

Sunstate Carriers opted to go with the SmartDrive video-based system to provide its drivers with increased safety and security. In fact, the company has already put this system to use in real time. Fulmer said, “We’ve already had two accidents that were not our fault. All we needed to do was send the video to the other companies and they paid the damages. With the explosion of monster settlements in Florida, I’m glad we have the SmartDrive program to protect us and support our safety culture.”

Your big rig dashcam is monitoring your miles as you traverse across the country. In the unfortunate instance that you are involved in a trucking accident, get hit by a deer, or are sideswiped by another vehicle, this camera will capture everything. Furthermore, with the SmartDrive system, the cameras are carefully arranged to videotape every angle of any incident.

This protects truck drivers who could lose their trucking job if they are found at fault during a trucking accident. When there is no way to determine which party was at fault, it depends on he said, she said. However, with truck cameras, there is little doubt as to the fault of the accident, which protects the integrity and careers of innocent truck drivers.

Meet Sunstate Carriers

Sunstate Carriers is a trucking company based out of Florida. The carrier has 130 power units including 150 reefer trailers. The primary hauls coming from Sunstate Carriers are temperature-controlled trucking jobs. In order to maintain its customer base and to offer the best trucking services for time-sensitive products, Sunstate Carriers is focused on trucker safety.

The use of the SmartDrive safety video exemplifies this aspect. By using this safety recording system, Sunstate Carriers is able to exonerate its drivers when they are involved in a no-fault accident. This helps to boost driver morale and performance, as well as improves overall efficiency. The focus on driver safety and protection also helps Sunstate Carriers to retain its customer base thanks to affordable and expedient shipping options. After all, since this trucking company isn’t paying top prices for high-risk trucking insurance, these savings can be passed along to customers.

About SmartDrive

The company SmartDrive is based in San Diego, California and has employees worldwide. The system focuses on using video analysis and an easy-to-operate system. Drivers and fleet owners can use the system to monitor driver performance, fuel economy, and use of braking. This data is also useful for making real-time evaluations of driver performance and safety. From there, trucking companies have the information they need to implement truck driver safety training and improve driving skills among its fleet of truckers.

For companies like Sunstate Carriers, this is a no-brainer in terms of a cost-effective solution to improve fleet safety and performance.

Source: SmartDrive – Newsroom

Hauling for the Last Mile with XPO Logistics

white mack truck on the roadTrucking companies are consistently searching for ways to improve freight services. It used to be that long-haul truckload services were the way to go. Now with online shopping and small businesses exceeding freight demand, trucking companies are rerouting their delivery methods. While LTL regional deliveries are picking up the pace, companies like XPO Logistics are also providing last-mile web services. Check out what last-mile hauling is all about and how XPO plans to provide this service.

Last-Mile Hauling

As a trucker, you know the routine. You pick up a truckload or less-than-truckload and deliver it to the customer at some point along your route. Now with last-mile services, you could even start handling retail home deliveries. XPO Logistics is the leading provider of last-mile services, and the way this trucking company does this is via advanced internet tools.

High-Tech Home Delivery with XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics has evolved these tools to include a method for online stores, as well as brick-and-mortar stores, to provide affordable shipping of heavy goods. These types of goods would include sofas, refrigerators, and other major appliances that often require a separate delivery service. XPO Logistics is doing more than just offering a delivery service. With the last-mile technology by this trucking company, consumers with scheduled home deliveries can:

  • Track their shipments in real time
  • Change their delivery times via the online platform, which is especially useful for deliveries that require the homeowner to be there in person
  • Update their online calendars to include the delivery date and time
  • Get traffic alerts pertaining to their delivery, i.e., to help determine when a truck will be late because of an accident on the highway, etc.
  • Receive weather alerts in case a truck is delayed due to weather conditions

The consumer can also opt to get a text message, email, or phone call for easy access to tracking and delivery info.

XPO Logistics as Last-Mile Pros

This technology offers much more control and customization of home deliveries, giving consumers what they want and need for managing the last mile of their home goods. According to the COO of XPO Logistics, Troy Cooper, “We have repeatedly been ahead of the curve with last-mile technology that drives up consumer satisfaction in retail and e-commerce. The launch of our new, interactive delivery management tools will build brand loyalty for our customers and provide a next-generation platform for further omnichannel development. Once our North American roll-out is complete, we plan to adopt this technology to our growing last-mile business in Europe.”

As noted, this isn’t the first time XPO has rolled out last-mile services. In fact, this trucking company has been offering heavy goods delivery services for a while now. XPO handles 13 million deliveries and installations annually. The company clearly understands what it takes to make consumers happy, which in turn satisfies retailers that experience positive brand recognition and return customers. In addition to offering these latest last-mile internet services, XPO Logistics has already been providing customers with:

  • Online access to order details
  • Estimated time of arrival status updates
  • A prep checklist for the consumer for when their home goods arrive

Now XPO is stepping up its game. The expectation is that XPO will start outsourcing this proprietary software to other home goods delivery and installation companies. If so, this last-mile service would be a game changer for how efficient and fast home goods could be delivered to consumers. As a result, we could see far more trucking companies and owner-operators implementing last-mile delivery services to be competitive. While most OTR truckers and long-haul truck drivers might not see any changes in their job skills, regional and local truckers may be on the verge of more hands-on deliveries.

Source: XPO Logistics – News

18 CRST Expedited Student Drivers are One Million Mile Safe Drivers

crst truck on the roadIf you talk to truck drivers who have been hauling for a few decades, they most likely did not go to trucking school to get a CDL. In fact, prior to the 1990s, CDLs weren’t even a requirement. That being said, there remains a stigma surrounding truck drivers who graduate from trucking school. Old timers often feel like these student drivers still aren’t qualified to be safe drivers, even though they have passed a certified truck driver training course and earned their CDL just like experienced truckers. CRST Expedited is here to show that truckers from driver training are just as safe as older truckers with behind-the-wheel experience.

One Million Safe Mile Award Recipients

CRST International is the parent company for the subsidiary CRST Expedited. This trucking company recently recognized truck drivers who had covered one million miles while at CRST Expedited, all without having a single accident. The company recognized 24 of its truck drivers for hitting this mark in their trucking career.

Regarding the achievement, CRST Expedited President Cameron Holzer said, “There are more than 3.5 million professional truck drivers logging nearly 725 billion miles in the U.S. each year. Our drivers are sharing the road with millions of drivers each day. It is important that they are committed to safety, above everything else. Driving one million miles without an accident is a significant accomplishment and I am proud to recognize these 24 women and men for their safety excellence.”

Two of these women truckers who have reached the million-mile marker include Veronica Lee and Lana Proveda. Both women are team drivers who haul with their husbands as owner-operators for CRST. When asked how she got started in trucking, Lana said, “We were traveling to my niece’s wedding and saw the trucks going by, and we thought, what a great job – we would get to be together and we would get to travel. I started doing some research and decided I wanted to drive for a company that is family owned. I’m very family oriented myself, and CRST is the one I chose.”

Driver Training Grads as Safe Drivers

More impressively, 18 of these drivers were graduates of the CRST Driver Training Program. This training course provides student drivers with everything they need to be able to excel as qualified truck drivers. After completing this training program, these 18 drivers passed the CDL exam and were hired on by CRST Expedited. Today these drivers are being recognized for completing one million miles while being just as safe as those drivers who may not have gone to trucking school.

It just goes to show the benefits and importance of going to trucking school. Holzer adds, “CRST offers best-in-class safety training to its drivers through a company sponsored training program. Whether it is in the classroom or over the road, our trainers are constantly enforcing our safety-first policies and procedures with our student drivers.”

Driver Trainers Earn Top Praise

The training program also includes lead drivers who are truck driving trainers working at CRST. In fact, 14 of the 24 who met the one-million-mile mark were trainers in the CRST Driver Training Program. These peer trainers provide invaluable information and guidance for new students who are just starting out in their career.

Eddie Reid is one such trainer who has driven one million miles without an accident. Reid had this to say about the accomplishment and applying his professional skills to student training scenarios: “My main thing is safety. I explain to my students that you don’t have anything to prove to me, you have to prove it to yourself. We’re not perfect and we will make mistakes, but it is about respect.”

Being able to show respect for other truck drivers, especially student drivers, is key to helping rookies keep at it. By showing these young drivers the respect and courtesy they deserve, CRST trainers are helping the company retain these new truck drivers. That is exactly what the trucking industry needs, more of a sense of a helping community among its drivers so to help build up the confidence of these up and comers who are filling the roles of retiring truckers.

Source: CRST – Press Release

McLane Company and Love’s Travel Stops—Partnership in Trucking

Mclane truck on the roadA truck stop provides everything a truck driver needs when over the road, from coffee on the constant to CB radios and cable connectors. But have you ever wondered who is hauling all of this freight to the truck stops? Turns out one trucking company in Texas has been in partnership with one truck stop chain for more than 20 years. Learn more about the contracted partnership between McLane Company and Love’s Travel Stops.

McLane Hauling Truck Stop Goods

Since 1996, the trucking company McLane has been hauling goods for Love’s Travel Stops. This contractual service has consisted of daily deliveries to more than 430 truck stops in 41 states. That accounts for all of the Love’s truck stops in the US. Did you know that Love’s Travel Stops adds about 45 new truck stop locations every year? McLane has also been able to keep up with the growth and expansion of Love’s truck stops.

Regarding the partnership with Love’s, McLane Grocery Senior VP of Sales, Vito Maurici, said, “Love’s provides a rewarding experience for its customers and we are honored they chose to continue to utilize our best-in-class resources. McLane’s procurement, technology, and operations provide our customers superior service and consistency of performance as well as expanded product offerings, regardless of location. As Love’s continues to expand their network, McLane will be there to assist in reducing cost and driving efficiency at retail.”

McLane shows what it takes for trucking companies to excel with nationally recognized customers. Trucking companies have to be able to support the growth of shippers and clients in order to continue having a working relationship. This is a good tip for owner operators, as well, who are interested in expanding their trucking business. If you want to grow in the trucking industry, you have to have the resources and equipment to expand alongside your client base. This involves hiring truck drivers to keep your rigs rolling as needed.

Mark Romig, Love’s Travel Stops Director of Merchandising, adds, “McLane continually shows commitment to our business. McLane’s Center for Category Innovation assists our team with exceptional category management resources enabling us to grow sales year over year. McLane’s national scope allows us to achieve our growth goals while meeting the needs of our Customers in an efficient way.” This is why Love’s is sticking with McLane and holding fast to their 21-plus years of working together in the trucking industry.

Driving a Truck for McLane

If you are interested in hauling freight to truck stops like Love’s Travel Stops, consider a career with McLane. The McLane Company is one of the nation’s biggest haulers in the food service industry, as well as one of the largest private fleets in the US. This trucking company hauls freight for:

  • Truck stops
  • Convenience stores
  • Mass merchants
  • Chain restaurants
  • Drug stores

There are more than 80 distribution centers across the nation that McLane hauls to via McLane Foodservice and McLane Grocery. The company also hauls alcoholic beverages via Empire Distributors, which is a subsidiary carrier.

In total, McLane is able to move more than 50,000 different products in the foodservice industry. The company hauls to more than 110,000 customer locations across the country. To be able to handle all of this freight, the company has more than 20,000 employees.

As a truck driver searching for trucking jobs at McLane Company, you can choose one of two career paths—grocery driver or food service driver. As a McLane driver, you will take regional trucking jobs and local routes. However, you will haul full truckloads that involve hand loading and unloading your trailer at each destination. To accommodate these working conditions, McLane offers top trucker pay, competitive benefits, latest equipment, and a stable work environment.

Daseke and R&R Trucking Join Forces for Defense Transport

Have you ever wondered how you can haul freight for the US Department of Defense? What about trucking jobs that involve transporting commercial arms, ammunition, and explosives? If these types of trucking jobs are up your alley, you’ll be interested to hear about the latest trucking company acquisition of Daseke. Check out what it means for Daseke to be the new owner of R&R Trucking and specialty cargo transporter.

Meet Daseke

Daseke is a supercharged trucking conglomerate that includes more than a dozen trucking companies—and growing. According to President and CEO, Don Daseke, of Daseke, Inc., “With over 3,800 tractors and over 8,200 flatbed and specialized trailers, Daseke is the largest owner of flatbed and specialized equipment in North America, yet accounts for less than 1 percent of the highly fragmented $133 billion flatbed and specialized freight market.”

This latest acquisition of another flatbed trucking company is the fourth such acquisition in 2017 alone. The other companies that were picked up by Daseke in 2017 include Schilli Companies, Big Freight Systems, The Steelman Companies, and The Boyd Companies. Other trucking carriers under the Daseke holding name are E.W. Wylie, Central Oregon Truck Company, Bulldog Hiway Express, Lone Star Transportation, and Smokey Point Distributing.

This follows a flood of growth that is in line with the mission of Daseke, as explained by Mr. Daseke: “We took Daseke public in February of this year to accelerate our vision of building North America’s premier flatbed and specialized transportation company. We continue to attract top-tier companies to join us as we build upon our national scale and further enhance the synergies throughout our unique transportation network.”

R&R Trucking Jobs

At R&R Trucking, the main type of freight hauls is specialized cargo. More specifically, according to Daseke, “R&R Trucking is highly specialized, transporting the nation’s most sensitive cargo. Fewer than 20 companies in the United States are approved to provide transportation for the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. They are also one of the very few companies approved by the Department of Defense to own and operate high-security terminals.”

As a trucker for R&R Trucking, you must have a TWIC Card and hazardous materials endorsement on your CDL. You must also have a pristine driving history and a clean criminal record, considering the sensitivity of the freight you are hauling. Now that R&R Trucking has been acquired by Daseke, we can expect to see this company grow exponentially.

By using the truck driving technology and collaborative logistics resources available through Daseke, R&R Trucking will be gaining new customers left and right. With that, the company will be hiring flatbed truckers to haul ammunition, arms, explosives, and radioactive cargo. At the present time, the way to get hired by R&R Trucking will not change. To apply for a trucking job, contact R&R Trucking, as the company will continue to operate under its existing brand for trucking hauls.

Source: Daseke – News

Highlights from National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2017

Trucker with American Flag on TruckThere was a lot going on this year for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. From trucking companies catering picnics to freebies at truck stops, we’ve compiled some of the highlights from this year’s celebration. Check it out to see if you were able to partake in the best happenings for truckers throughout the week.

Truckload Carriers Association

The Truckload Carriers Association provided free health events for truck drivers throughout the US. These health events included hearing tests, vision exams, glucose screenings, and blood pressure tests. The events were hosted at truck stops nationwide via TravelCenters of America and Petro. Be on the lookout next year to see if you can score some invaluable health monitoring services at truck stops along your route.

Love’s Travel Stops

At Love’s truck stops across the country, truck drivers had a chance to win big. Each time a Love’s card-carrying trucker used their My Love’s Rewards card to purchase fuel, the driver was entered to win in a couple of contests. These included $100 worth of My Love’s reward points as well as a $10,000 value of 1 million reward points.

Pilot Flying J

Love’s wasn’t the only truck stop giving truckers a chance to win big. Pilot Flying J was also hosting a rewards points contest. However, with this truck stop chain, you had a chance to win instantly, which theoretically increased the odds. Rather than giving lump sums of points, Pilot Flying J gave more than 65,000 prizes to truck drivers.

Truck World

Over in Hubbard, Ohio, Truck World truck stop made National Truck Driver Appreciation Week a week to remember. The truck stop hosted live music and entertainment on Wednesday through Friday, following a free lunch to all those in attendance.